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Future-orientated waste management requires ecological responsibility

As a waste management company, it is a guiding principle for AVR to operate a responsible waste management system and to number amongst the leading companies in Austria in this area.

When it comes to the recycling and disposing of waste, we place special emphasis on offering our customers solutions that meet the following criteria:

> Ecological compatibility
> Economic benefit
> Legal conformity

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As part of our responsibility for protecting our environment for generations to come, we recondition the materials we receive beyond statutory guidelines for sustainable recycling or the best-possible disposal.

We achieve this by constantly striving to bring our treatment facilities up to the state of the art. The constant further development of our treatment procedures makes us an innovative partner to business and industry.

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We see ourselves not only as a disposal company, but also as a competent point of contact for issues such as:

> Legal regulations
> In-house waste collection
> Interim waste storage
> Transport logistics

In order to do justice to these constantly growing tasks, we have an experienced team of chemists and engineers on hand, who are pleased to advise you at all times.

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In unserem Unternehmensbereich der Reinigung von Tank- und Kesselwagen legen wir größten Wert darauf, ein optimales Reinigungsergebnis zu erreichen und mittels unserer am Standort befindlichen CP-Anlage die anfallenden Reststoffe fachgerecht zu entsorgen.

Die Reinigung von Transportbehältern für die Chemie- und Lebensmittelindustrie muss höchsten Standards entsprechen. Unsere Grundlage dafür sind qualifizierte Mitarbeiter und eine modern ausgestattete Waschanlage. Um unseren Kunden ein langfristiger Partner sein zu können sowie unseren Mitarbeitern ein Arbeitsumfeld zu schaffen, in welchem sie die Voraussetzungen finden unter Einhaltung aller gesetzlichen Sicherheits- und Umweltschutzbestimmungen, ihre persönliche Höchstleistung vollbringen zu können, sind wir stets bemüht unsere Anlage dem Stand der Technik anzupassen und unsere Mitarbeiter regelmäßig zu schulen.

Die Synergie unserer Unternehmensbereiche ermöglicht anfallende Reststoffe, wie z.B. Waschwässer und Produkte aus der Restentleerung, zum überwiegenden Großteil ohne weitere Transportwege am eigenen Standort fachgerecht zu entsorgen.

We accept a wide range of products in our ongoing effort to use synergies as well as possible and to pass on their advantages to our customers. For the draining of residues in particular, we are able to precisely determine the materials by means of the in-house laboratory and know-how of a leading CP facility, clean them as required and dispose of them professionally. We therefore see our special strengths as lying in the areas of cleaning and acceptance.

As a family-owned and operated company, we not only use the many years of experience handed down to us or the potential of fresh ideas, but also place special emphasis on running our company – now and in the generations to come – in full awareness of our responsibility and in accordance with the aforementioned principles.
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