Additional services and infrastructure for lorry drivers

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Since the transport of hazardous goods in accordance with ADR/RID is becoming an increasingly important topic and very high penalties are imposed for any violations, we are obviously happy to provide our customers with all the support they need. Upon request, we will organise a suitable haulier for you, prepare all the transport papers required, instruct the driver and carry out both the palletising for load safety as well as labelling of the shipment items when transporting containers.

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Where waste is disposed of in containers, we provide our customers with all shapes and sizes of containers as required. We also offer the possibility to exchange containers on the fly, i.e. to deliver empty containers again immediately after collection of the waste products.


If you operate an oil or fat separator, we are pleased to offer you the following services:

- In-house/external monitoring in accordance with the Ordinance on Indirect Dischargers
- Analysis certificate for presentation to the authorities
- Cleaning, and maintenance as required
- Disposal of the material produced
- Leak testing
- Pressure test


In addition to our waste disposal and cleaning services, we can also make small repairs to tankers and tanker wagons as required.

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The works canteen set up when AVR was established also offers the staff of delivering companies the possibility to spend any waiting times in a pleasant environment.

The possibility to use sanitary facilities such as showers and toilets, as well as the provision of coffee and snack vending machines, was important to us - especially for long-distance drivers.

Lorry drivers can also have orders delivered to our company from various delivery services. For more information, please contact our scheduling team!

In striking distance (5 min. to go) there are a supermarket, a bakery and a tobacconist. Around the Genoch-Platz are different restaurants, snack bars and take aways located.

We welcome all drivers for delivering companies with this offer, and will always strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible!
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