Cleaning of Tank truck and wagons

These are our purity requirements

Since 2010 we provide a modern tank washing facility for cleaning the insides of tankers, tank containers, silo vehicles as well as tanker wagons and IBC containers at our location.

We clean vehicles that are used for transporting chemicals as well as vehicles that are used for transporting foodstuffs.


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The flawless quality of the cleaning and disposal services as well as the rapid availability of the transport units take top priority for us as a professional service provider.

The cleaning of transport containers for the chemical and food industry must meet the highest of standards. Our basis for this are qualified employees and a washing facility with modern equipment, that is accredited in accordance with the guidelines of the SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System).

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Tanker and silo vehicles are professionally cleaned at up to 100 bar and 95°C on 3 lanes with 6 cleaning heads. We also offer the options of steam treatment and hot air drying.

A separate cleaning lane is available for the cleaning of tanker wagons.

IBC containers are cleaned in dedicated areas of our facility.


Our trained employees give you competent advice and ensure that all environmental and safety requirements are complied with.

Waste water is treated and conditioned professionally and under supervision in our
in-house CP facility without the need for additional transportation.

ECD (European Cleaning Dokument)

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Upon request, we issue the ECD (European Cleaning Document) to confirm that the cleaning of your vehicle has been completed.
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