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Public/Emergency Information

pursuant to section 14 para. 3 subpara. 1 UIG

The operating site of AVR GmbH in 1220 Vienna is subject to the provisions of § 59 of the Waste Management Act 2002 (§§ 59a-m). The notification to the authority in terms of § 59d para. 1 AWG 2002 has been made. A safety report has been submitted to the authority.

The public information file is only available for download in the German version.

Environmental policy

Environmental protection is an important and long-term goal of our corporate philosophy.

All employees are made aware of their responsibility to protect the environment and strive for continuous improvement. To this end, goals are set and pursued. Continuous improvement of environmental performance and minimisation of environmental impacts are strived for.

The environmental and safety impacts of each new activity and process are assessed and monitored in advance.

The impact of current activities on the local environment and working conditions will be assessed and monitored, and any significant impact of these activities on the environment will be reviewed. This includes in particular the following issues: Emissions to the atmosphere (odour, noise), storage of hazardous and environmentally relevant substances, noise and odour nuisance.

The processes used are regularly examined for possible improvements, so that continuous improvement in environmental protection is guaranteed. The use of the best possible technologies is the basis for effective environmental protection.

Regular audits of the implemented environmental management system are intended to identify weak points in order to improve the effectiveness of the overall system. To this end, regular audits are carried out in the company to check the compliance of the management system with the goals of the environmental policy and its guidelines.

Quality assurance and environmental protection are implemented at all operational levels through rules of conduct with corresponding documentation.

All existing legal regulations are complied with.

Customers and suppliers are made aware of compliance with environmental protection regulations and, if necessary, selected accordingly.

Authorities and the public are provided with all the information they need to answer questions relevant to the environment.

Quality, Safety & Environmental Management System

In accordance with our corporate philosophy, quality assurance, safety impact and occupational safety, as well as environmental protection, are important topics with objectives that require constant improvement. For this purpose, we have introduced a QSE management and an environmental management system according to EMAS Eco Management and Audit Scheme.

We see these measures as an opportunity to make continuous improvements in operational environmental protection beyond the relevant environmental regulations and standards. This is intended to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. For our neighbours, our customers and the responsible authorities, we regard the environmental management system according to EMAS as a confidence-building measure.


Systematic and clear management is an essential component for the success of a company or organisation. Supporting this is the introduction and maintenance of a management system that is geared towards continuous performance improvement and takes into account the requirements of all interested parties.

Our company AVR GmbH is certified according to the following management systems:
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management