Address & directions:

Truck entrance: Stadlauer Straße 41, A-1220 Vienna / Austria


Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 07.00h - 16.00h / Friday: 07.00h - 13.30h

Cleaning with tank entry:
Monday to Thursday: 09.00h - 16.00h / Friday: 09.00h - 13.30h
In order to avoid waiting times, it is absolutely necessary to pre-register a delivery with our customer service and logistics team. Consequently, registered deliveries are also given preferential treatment.

Unser Betrieb ist am 24.12.2021 und 31.12.2021 geschlossen!
Wegen Revisionsarbeiten findet von 27. bis 30.12.2021 und von 03. bis 05.01.2022 sowie am 07.01.2022 nur eine eingeschränkte Tankreinigung statt. Reinigungen in diesen Zeiträumen müssen bis spätestens 30.11.2021 angemeldet werden!

COVID 19 - Codes of Conduct for external staff


For appointments and questions regarding your order, please contact our customer service and logistics team available under the following contact details:

T: +43 - (0)1 - 282 21 61
E: dispo@avr-gmbh.at

To process your cleaning request, we need a completed cleaning order form. If possible, we ask you to bring the completed form with you. It is available for download here in 15 languages:


ECD (European Cleaning Document)

Upon request, we issue the ECD (European Cleaning Document) to confirm that the cleaning of your vehicle has been completed.