Company policy

Future-oriented waste management 
needs ecological responsibility!

As a waste management company, AVR GmbH is committed to serious waste management and is one of the leading companies in this field in Austria.

In both waste recycling and waste disposal, we attach particular importance to offering our customers solutions that meet the following criteria:

  • Ecological sense
  • Economic benefit
  • Legal conformity

In responsibility for the protection of our environment for future generations, we prepare accepted materials, beyond legally prescribed guidelines, for sustainable recycling or best possible disposal. We achieve this through our constant efforts to adapt our facilities to the best available technology and qualified, regularly trained employees. Through the continuous development of our treatment processes, we are an innovative and long-term partner for business and industry.

We see ourselves not only exclusively as a waste management company, but also as a competent contact partner for questions regarding:

  • Legal regulations
  • In-house waste collection
  • Intermediate waste storage
  • transport logistics

In order to be able to meet these constantly growing tasks, we have an experienced team of chemists and technicians who are always happy to advise our customers.

In our division of cleaning tank and tank wagons, we attach great importance to achieving optimum cleaning results. The cleaning of transport containers for the chemical and food industries must meet the highest standards. Our basis for this are qualified employees and a modern equipped washing plant.

The synergy of our business units makes it possible to dispose of residual materials, such as wash water and products from residual emptying, professionally at our own site, for the most part without further transport routes. Particularly in the case of residual emptying, our in-house laboratory and the know-how of a leading CP plant enable us to determine the materials analytically, clean them as required and dispose of them properly. Therefore, we accept a wide range of precursors and see our particular strength in cleaning tanks with problematic precursors and accepting problematic residuals.

As a family business, we do not only use the passing on of many years of experience or the potential of fresh ideas, but we also attach particular importance to managing our company according to the above-mentioned principles in the awareness of our responsibility also in the following generations!