Process Developement

Process Developement and -Technology

Our in-house research and development activities enable short term and individual treatment processes also of problematic waste.

Furthermore we run several projects, some in cooperation with other companies or institutes, to develope and test new processes and technologies of waste treatment.


An important task of our laboratory is the ongoing development of new and enhanced processes for the treatment of waste and the recovery of raw materials.

In addition to the equipment required for the wet chemical analytics, our laboratory also has the following analytical equipment:

  • Gas chromatographs (FID/ECD)
  • Atom absorption spectrometer
  • Spectral photometer
  • Flash point measuring device
  • CIR spectrometer

Our team of chemists works on solving customer- as well as industry-specific problems. The principles determined in this way are tested for their technical suitability in special pilot facilities. Implementation for large-scale technical application in our facility subsequently takes place together with our engineers.

Recovery of metals

In recent years we were able to develope processes for the recovery of metals from industrial waste water as well as the effective treatment of concentrates from the electroplating area that contain metal salts. Our attention turns on the recovery of nickel, copper, zinc and chrome VI.