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Delivery address & directions:

Truck entrance: Stadlauer Straße 41, A-1220 Vienna / Austria

Delivery times:

In order to avoid waiting times, it is absolutely necessary to pre-register a delivery with our customer service and logistics team. Consequently, registered deliveries are also given preferential treatment.

Deliveries in suction tankers and tank trucks:
Monday to Thursday: 07.00h - 15.30h / Friday: 07.00h - 12.30h.

Deliveries of general cargo such as IBCs, barrels, etc.:
Monday to Thursday: 07.00h - 14.00h / Friday: 07.00h - 11.00h


For appointments and questions regarding your order, please contact our customer service and logistics team available under the following contact details:

T: +43 - (0)1 - 282 21 61
E: dispo@avr-gmbh.at

Delivery and acceptance:

The following delivery or collection options are available:

Road transport:
  • Tankers
  • Suction tankers
  • Wheeled containers
  • Skips
  • Piece goods (canisters, drums, big bags or IBC containers)
Rail transport:
  • ACTS containers
  • Tank wagon up to 65t payload
  • Piece goods (canisters, drums, big bags or IBC containers)

To ensure our high quality standards in waste treatment, we adhere to the following procedure when accepting material:

  1. Initial sampling – overall visual and chemical assessment of the waste
  2. Allocation of the treatment procedure
  3. Offer preparation
  4. Order placement by the customer
  5. Material delivery/collection
  6. Identification analysis upon receipt of material and comparison with the initial sample
  7. Acceptance of the waste by a chemist
  8. Confirmation of waste acceptance on the AVR delivery note or, for hazardous waste, by countersigning the waste manifest
  9. Invoicing - for hazardous waste, sheet 3 of the waste manifest is also sent to the customer

Key numbers catalogue:

Our waste treatment facility has a wide range of approved waste key numbers for the collection and treatment of solid and liquid industrial waste.